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The Mother Cardinal

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Unique lacquered artwork made from papier-mâché

First, this unique lacquered artwork has been crafted with excellence by the talented artist community at Jayav Art. Secondly, The Mother Cardinal is an original lacquered artwork made from recycled paper. As a result, The Mother Cardinal is an eco-friendly artwork that is as light as paper and as solid as wood! Invite the Mother Cardinal to fly into your home!

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Unique lacquered artwork made from papier-mâché

The Cardinal is a symbol of long love because these birds stay together until either of them dies or are lost. Their relationship is strong, even when the female cardinals are engaged in building nests, the male cardinals will support her to complete the nest building task. After breeding they stay together for the next reproductive season and stay together while eating, flying and breeding. Therefore, they are the symbol of long relationships and eternal love.

They are considered as the symbol of caring and protection because in breeding season the male and female are known to attack intruders of their nest in order to protect and care for their chicks. Thus, these are also a symbol of caring and protection.

Jayav’Art Difference

Creative Art Deco
The recycled materials and handmade process make each item one of a kind, with a story to tell.

Smart Sculptures
Papier mache is light, so suitable for masks and other sculpture intended to be carried, and can take very fine detail. It is also solid as wood!

Sustainable Art
At Jayav Art, we help people with disabilities to fully participate in work-based learning and we recycle old paper into beautiful works of art.


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Our Story

Jayav Art is a social enterprise which transforms recycled paper into environmentally friendly sculptures while creating decent jobs for vulnerable people. The adventure began in 2010 when Philippe Brousseau, a French artist of great renown was touched by a Cambodia ravaged by 30 years of war. Then, he met his Cambodian counterpart Tara, who was also passionate about papier-mâché art and who had the same desire to promote this local art that was still unknown internationally. Philippe and Tara wanted to create their eco-friendly artwork with conscience. It’s why they focus on an environmentally friendly approach, realizing that every step they take affects the planet and the people on it. Read more

How do we make sustainable art work from papier-mâché?

Firstly, all of our sculptures are entirely handmade with recycled paper and vegetable fibers. Then, they are decorated with natural pigments and acrylic colors. Finally, our environmentally friendly manufacturing process makes it possible to recycle old newspapers. As a result, our papier-mâché artworks are lightweight while appearing as heavy as any other sculpture. This means they are easy to ship. Read more

The Mother Cardinal

$55.00 $78.00