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Temple Collection

Our Temple Collection has been created to allow you the exclusive opportunity to benefit your home interior with the most splendid antique arts, found in the Temples of Angkor.

Instead of making it from stone or wood, they are all made with our unique papier mache process that allows to make it strong as wood while very light!!!!

Then, our talent artists used high skilled patina technics to decorate each art work by hand to look real stone or wood.

These reproduction of artefacts are selected for their positive and high influence in Hinduism and Buddhism culture. They have all their unique symbolism and spiritual influence. First, the goddess and the Apsara will bring your home with feminity, harmony and Peace. Then, Hanuman and Jayavarman will bring you with confidence and energy. Finally, Buddha will bring you with wisdom and clarity.

It is an original gift for your love’s birthday and Christmas.